Who We Are

We are a Christian-based nonprofit organization focused on training youth leaders to transform lives from statistics to success!

Youth Outcry USA was founded by Joel Sanabria in the Bronx, NY way back in 1994. A street outreach ministry that has traveled to various cities throughout the U.S. seeing many lives impacted and transformed by God's love and training youth leaders. Today, Youth Outcry is focused on providing youth leadership development to youth leaders, youth organizations, and churches.

What We Do

Through our Speak Life Sessions, we provide webinars with real-life experiences and expertise on youth issues and how to minister to their lives. Along with teaching sessions on managing your team and personal life. 

In order to make an impact in young people's lives, youth leaders must be well equipped in working with the mix of personalities and characters that come along when ministering to youth. Get ready to learn, grow, share and duplicate!

Learn, Grow, Share, Duplicate

Speak Life Sessions

Ministering to Urban Youth Part One

Ministering to Urban Youth Part Two

RISE for Youth Leaders

Our mission is to transform lives from statistics to success!





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